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"If I only had two dollars left, I would spend one dollar on PR."

Bill Gates

About Us


Marketing yourself and your business can be a challenge, which is why my services are here to lighten the load and give you the freedom to get back to what you do best. I'm an experienced and creative public relations consultant whose first priority is always the interests of my clients. I provide a range of traditional and contemporary marketing services to help businesses and individuals grow and create an impact in print media and the digital media landscape. Get in touch to find out how you could benefit from my services today.

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I provide businesses and individuals with exceptional PR & communications services that help them make an impact online and in print.

I can work on bespoke projects both short and long term, offering a range of marketing services to help you to grow your reach . Make sure to get in touch if you have specific projects in mind.


I liaise with local, national and trade media titles and produce press releases to get your business featured prominently and consistently online and in print, to help you reach your target audience and stay ahead of trends. I can also coordinate product/business launches and report on coverage in target publications.


I can create social media pages that reflect your brand across a variety of platforms and maximise your visibility online. Following set up I can plan content, engagement campaigns, competitions and event coverage. I am also able to provide ongoing customer service support and page updating as needed.


From product descriptions to newsletters, I can provide written copy that stands out and reflects your business' unique voice. Strong written copy increases consideration of your brand and persuades customers to take action, choosing you above your competitors.

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